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Facebook- A curator or an enemy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Facebook- A curator or an enemy - Essay Example The article here is trying to address how Facebook is blocking the works of artists who are projecting it through this social networking website. Nevertheless, Facebook is trying to defend its actions by calling it a ‘mistake’. Many artists from all around the world have experienced the same. They have had their pictures and, in some cases, even their accounts blocked. This article is pointing out a recent victim, The New York University of Art, which lost its rights for uploading any images of their artwork, the reason being the violation of rules and regulations of Facebook. The works included nude images, which is against Facebook policy. The University's authority classed this, an unfair action against art; nevertheless, they raised their voice through a blog, complaining about Facebook's rules and regulations. Thesis Statement Blocking the projects of the artists on the medium where individual individuals have complete freedom to express themselves. Isn’t tha t ironic? Rhetorical Aspects of the article being analyzed Purpose, Genre and Style This article was published in The New York Times. The issue being addressed is the problem faced by an institution of art as their work is being deleted and accounts blocked by Facebook as it contains nudity. However, later, the site officials claimed that it was a mistake on their part and they had no intention, whatsoever, of hurting anyone's feelings. Moreover, they encouraged people who had lost their work to post it again. Drawing nude live models is considered the most effective way to develop the basic draftsmanship skill of an artist. Hence, it is considered to be the most important part of an artist’s work. Using Facebook as a medium, artists share their work with art lovers all around the globe. Nevertheless, Facebook blocking their work became a deterrent for these artists. Artists are more emphasizing towards the blocking of the nude content and have been concerned with the fact th at the Facebook officials must have seen that the nude pictures were actual works of art, yet, they decided to block it. The genre is complaining about the careless behavior of world’s largest social network platforms. Angle of Vision The author of this passage seems to blame Facebook for these actions but, in my opinion, if Facebook has some certain terms and conditions then they are free to apply it on all forms of work. Facebook does not allow photos which attack a person or group or images which depict drug use or contain violence or nudity. If Facebook requires it's users to follow certain rules and regulations, then we are all required to follow them as responsible individuals. If they say that a photo should not ‘contain’ nudity, then nudity in any form should be banned. Some people are of the view that Facebook is assailing artists, this, however, is a misinterpretation as according to Facebook's representative, their investigators only check those images that are flagged/reported and then according to the nature of the report (how many people find that abusing) they remove the content. Therefore, if other users are uncomfortable with that image then there is no way that that content should be kept on the site. For an institution like the New York University of Art, there are other ways of sharing their artwork with people interested in art like their own website or blogs. Secondly, seeing these types of drawings in galleries is one thing and seeing them on Facebook is another. Not everyone visits galleries, neither do they have a rule against nudity but on Facebook they do have rules. Many people, who are interested in art but are against nude forms of art, visit these pages much often. Evidence from the article The academy was at loss as their account was blocked and they

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Risk Management Program Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Risk Management Program - Research Paper Example Risk is the uncertainty surrounding future outcomes and events, and it is an expression of the impact and likelihood of the occurrence of an event, which is regarded to have the potential of influencing the achievement of the objectives of an organization. For every risk, there are two calculations needed, including its probability or likelihood, and the extent of the consequences or impact. Schwartz  (2014) recognizes that in certain organizations, risk management is used in issues that are predetermined as causative of unwanted and adverse consequences. In such firms, risk is understood in terms of the function of probability of the unwanted or adverse event, as well as the magnitude or severity of the event consequences. Effective application of management requires that the organization develops a risk-management culture, which should support the general mission, vision and objectives of the organization. There should be establishment and communication of boundaries and limits in relation to the acceptable risk outcomes and practices (Pà ©rez-gonzà ¡lez & Yun, 2013). Since the management of risks is directed towards the uncertainty associated with future outcomes and events, it is assumed that all exercises for planning incorporate a certain level of risk management. As a manufacturing company, Nike understands that production innovation, through a sustainability lens, is important towards the achievement of the company’s growth vision, which is independent of the constrained resources. In fact, creation and building of a business that acknowledges and accommodates constraints, as well as thriving through them within the natural setting is the sole way through which an organization can realize growth within the modern world, and this would not affect the company’s ability to succeed in the long term. The transition has been evidently challenging for the company as a